bpd-3804-15Thanks for stopping by my sexy pink space on the web. I’m Pinky Parks and I write erotic romance. Now don’t be alarmed, I’m more than a creator of sensual characters, searching for their passion mate — or mates, if they’re so inclined. I love bringing a happy-ever-after to people’s lives. Love brings souls out of their hiding places and into the sunshine of strong, stable and endearing emotion.

Sexy woman with gun from behindBut more than a writer, I’m also a lover of Shakespeare and stories written in Olde English before the great vowel shift. The lyrical sway of it beckons–go figure. I also like hardcore action flicks and sexy, pelvic-grinding music. I adore chocolate and champagne, rose petals on my sheets and tats on my muscled men, stilettos and sex in public places. But then who doesn’t? Don’t you enjoy a little illicit excitement? I know I do, but let’s just keep that between us, shall we?

Many people are afraid to share their desires and the things that turn them on. And really, thMan and womanere’s no shame in being shy or reticent. We all have our fetishes, after all. That’s why books are so important. A good erotic writer can suck you into a world full of passionate heat and desires so often denied…a place where YOU, the reader, will always be welcomed. Especially by me… 0869F3F08D9E0E55022AACF85379B907

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