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I’m taking part in Sneak Peek Sunday. Each writer participating shares 6 paragraphs of a published book or a WIP.  After you read my 6, click on the pic above to reach the list of the other cool authors sharing with you today.

This is near the opening of KnightShades: Maximo. Reese, a female auto-mechanic, is going along with her sister and her friends, who think a tad too much of themselves, to her sister’s bachelorette party. Only to Reese’s surprise, the party’s being held at a BDSM club. While this story is under contract with HarperImpulse, it’s not yet finished. Come back every week and make the journey with me…

Cali slid across the white leather seats when the chauffeur opened the back door. She pointed toward Reece and spoke to her friends, “Would you just take a look at what my sister is wearing?” Her bridal party—her very skinny bridal party—leaned forward to check out Reece’s attire. Twelve finely waxed eyebrows rose and six pair of heavily painted lips formed an “O,” as in oh my God, what the shit is she wearing?

Reece flounced into the limo, crossed her arms over her stomach and propped her hot pink high-top Converse sneakers on the opposite seat, causing Bella to slide her spandexed ass next to Maddy’s. The maid of honor’s eye roll showcased what she thought of her best friend’s older, frumpier, grease-monkey sister. Bella opened her jeweled compact and preened. “Didn’t Cali tell you there’s a dress code at KnightShades?”

“Don’t tell me I should have worn a black tie.” God, I’d rather be anywhere than here with this gang of tight-assed girly-girls.

Bella snapped her case closed and tucked it into her tiny beaded shoulder bag. “Only if you’re going as a Dom.”

“Excuse me?” Reece’s stomach cramped and the aura of a full-blown migraine filled her vision with swimming black spots. She fumbled in her purse for the bottle of prescription medicine and palmed two, reaching for the glass of champagne her sister quickly poured for her. The damn headache was evidently affecting her hearing. She could have sworn Bella used the term “Dom.”

“Yes.” Maddy slipped a hand inside her gold lame top and readjusted her breasts, no doubt hoping to improve the almost nonexistent cleavage. “My cousin tends bar at KnightShades. He’s the one who arranged this private little tour for us. One of the Dominants, or Doms, will show us around and explain the equipment the members of the private club use. It’s going to be so thrilling.” Maddy exploded a high-pitched giggle. “We’re going to the dark side tonight, girlfriends. We’ll be like fifty shades of perverted.”pink cuffs

Jan. 17, 2014

Publishedby (3)I’ve been offered a contract on three books in my KnightShades series by HarperImpulse, an eBook division of HarperCollins. Am I excited? Ha! Do I have a collection of handcuffs, or not?

Since the offer landed in my agent’s email box yesterday, we’re still weeks away from signing the contract. I did, however, put together a projected list of dates of when I could have the manuscripts to my editor. Another step forward in my writing career.

Writers live for news like this. And I am so stoked! This is an awesome way to begin 2014–and I deem it The Year of the Kink.

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